Darko Esser | Out Of Context EP | WLTD021

by Darko Esser



It’s been 4 years since labelboss Darko Esser released an EP of his own on Wolfskuil Ltd. The focus as of late has been on his Tripeo project, resulting in two vinyl only Trips to critical acclaim. All the studio activity led to a whole bunch of other music as well and a few of his favorite sessions are bundled on this conceptual EP.

We all can relate to the feeling of being Out Of Context, that we have lost touch with our environment and the people around us or are simply just lost for words. Darko translated these abstract feelings into a soundtrack in three parts (Space, Time, Translation) as music is sometimes a better indicator of how we feel then words. Not suprisingly the result is a soundtrack that is quite moody, hypnotic and multi-layered. It’s dub- and detroit-techno, Esser style. Recognizable but at the same time very distinct and personal, melodies wrapped in abstract sound design, the atmosphere both happy and sad.

Ambiguity and introspection have always been a big part of his work, this EP just takes it to the next level.


released April 26, 2013

written & produced by Darko Esser



all rights reserved


Wolfskuil, BALANS, Tripeo Nijmegen, Netherlands

Music, work, friends and life in general is all about balance for Dutch DJ, producer and promoter Darko Esser. And more importantly finding and keeping that balance despite all the contradictions, rollercoasterrides and paradoxes life can put in front of you. It’s what binds us all like sleep, breathing and eating. ... more

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